How the Chablais Geopark operates

The Chablais Geopark was created at the initiative of the Groupe d’Action Local du Haut-Chablais in 2003. The Geopark is currently managed by the “Syndicat Intercommunal d’Aménagement du Chablais”( SIAC, a regional development agency), which coordinates the relevant technical and decision-making bodies. But the Geopark does not end at the borders of the Chablais, since we closely collaborate and cooperate with national, European, and global networks. The Geopark offers many activities for a variety of audiences (residents, schoolchildren, tourists, students, researchers, etc.) to showcase the Chablais’ rich heritage.


The Geopark project was launched in 2003 as part of the LEADER programme (an EU programme creating links between actions to develop the rural economy).


The Chablais Geopark is managed by the SIAC 

UNESCO has very specific guidelines for awarding the label:

“A Geopark project must be led by a management body that is politically stable and has the financial resources to develop activities in a unified area.”

The Chablais UNESCO Global Geopark’s perimeter corresponds exactly to the area the SIAC covers.

Cooperation, Collaboration

UNESCO designated the Chablais as a Global Geopark due to the area’s outstanding geological heritage of international value, as well as our extensive networking, cooperation, and partnerships with various stakeholders at the regional level and beyond.

The Chablais UGGp Commision

The commission is made up of 19 members, all elected from SIAC, men and women from all over Chablais.

The purpose of this committee is to work on the development of new projects for the Geopark, to validate actions in progress, and to promote the UNESCO designation in the Chablais.